By geography and history, the Arab world occupies a singular and strategic place in our globalized world: an attractive economic, cultural and human platform with so many advantages. New practices, new challenges, new strategies are already at work and allow to consider the new tools (economic, cultural, and entrepreneurial) exchange relations, development and investment between countries of the World Arab and country of the rest of the world, that the Club will have for vocation to accompany and to enlighten in a spirit of benevolent dialogue and respectful of the cultures of each one. This is why the company DK Ambassador, an innovative company dedicated to the Arab world, wanted to be a space of reflection and privileged, bringing together international actors in the industry of luxury, tourism and culture. It will address decision-makers from the governmental, economic and social spheres and civil society and international economic and financial actors linked to and open to the Arab With a resolutely international dimension, this club aims to develop, in a climate of benevolence:


– the links between FRANCE and the Arab world in FRANCE and in the Arab world, – More humane and fruitful relations between the partners concerned






The objective of Club El Saphir is to offer a time through private events in cooperation with the luxury brands, exchange and prospective reflection around topics and expertise related to different international actors in the industries mentioned above and involved in the dynamics of trade with the Arab world. At the end of each Club meeting, a production tool created by the members will have to be integrated in the “club el sapphire” platform containing the key ideas and or key moments achieved (s)





The Club is: an exclusive platform that will allow members to exchange. But it is also private events as well as places of direct and friendly debate exclusively for Club members, all of which have been co-opted. The Club El Saphir aims to bring together in a restricted environment personalities from diverse backgrounds who have accepted the principle of exchange respecting the framework indicated by the founders. The quality and complementarily of Club members and their willingness to express themselves without any prejudice contribute to the singularity of these debates. During the debate sessions organized by the member brands in association with the founders and according to the rules, we apply the rules of “Chatham house”. That is to say, everyone has the right to take back ideas expressed during these meetings, but it is forbidden to communicate information on the author of the remarks or on the place. Each session is an opportunity to invite two or three personalities (from the Arab World, France and the rest of the world) to cross the gaze on the theme that has been defined for the session. In private debates or private conferences and in order to create a real coherence of the debates, the speakers are invited to answer several questions in order to identify and analyze the interest of the Member Women, to propose recommendations, to define terms of applicability.